I would like to announce a END of year competition for all current members.


This competition will NOT apply to any new members after the 01/07/2017.


There will be two categories, 1st will be most improved player over the next six months, 2nd highest attendance in TeamSpeak3, Game Servers and on our website.


This will be judged by [=PUG=] Admin using team comments and gametracker. As this is our first in-house comp like this, there will be only one winner in each category.

Thank you and good luck all.


[=PUG=] Admin


[=PUG=]Recruitment Process

Welcome Visitor
Here at [=PUG=], We are proud of being apart of our own relaxing gaming community.
We are a range of ages starting from 16 to 65 years old so have a wide amount of expertise.
We do have a recruiting guild line that we run with at [=PUG=]
This is an R18 Clan, but it is up to the discretion of the clan.

1. Visitor: Must regularly play on our [=PUG=] gaming servers.
2. Must have an active working headset for communications.
3. Get to know a [=PUG=] Member so we can get to know you.
4. We will welcome you to join us in our TeamSpeak 3.
5. If we feel that you would be a good fit, we will ask you to Register on our website.
6. New Members are always on a 4 week trial period, to give us time to get to know more about each other before becoming a full member.


[=PUG=]Clan Commander [=PUG=]Pecka
[=PUG=]Clan 2.IC [=PUG=]Brooksy

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