April 2018

[=PUG=]Christmas 2017

Once again Christmas is upon us and just would like to reflect over the year that was!
But, first of all, I would like to take this chance to thank you all for a fantastic year with[=PUG=],
It’s been a real cracker!
I would also like to pay my respects to the passing of [=PUG=]LEMMY-CUATION / Lemmy-Cuation
Lemmy was a [=PUG=] Member in its early days but due to health problems, he had to focus more on his day to day living with the time he had left, and not so much on Gaming as much has he would have loved to.
Lemmy passed away on the 9th of December 2017, so from us to him and his family.
God Bless! We will miss you coming online with your cherry voice and game play.
As most of you were aware January this year we broke off with Pacific Gamers – [-PAC-] to start a new clan that we all had a part in developing.
A place that we all can come to and have a laugh and Game, and being part of a great Community.
After a lot of thinking and talking with our members we all agreed to become the
We then selected our HQ Team
Pecka, Brooksy, Bigfella, Someidiot, Shedev
So [=PUG=] was born! For while we had hours of work to do in setting up a new website and membership, Branding of our servers.
we eventually got there with the enthusiasm of everyone’s involvement.
It was mind blowing fantastic just how everyone got in behind it.
We had countless meetings and planed out just what we wanted and how we wanted to run it, Wahoo!
03.03.2017 [=PUG=] was launched
We invited all [-PAC-] over to celebrate this with us.
Game on!
That night both clans had a fun night just getting together for the first time as two separate identities having many laughs.
So, the year begun for [=PUG=]
As we started out we had a few dedicated clan servers and setup branch nights
We started with Hosting 3 America’s army proving grounds servers as this is our core game.
AAPG has a great following with a good gaming community
We also have 2/3 Arma 3 servers as this is one of our core games.
[=PUG=]Webbie was the person in charge of running Arma-3.
He had put a lot of hours in to coding to personalise our servers, putting banners up within the game promoting [=PUG=], Thanks Web
Sniper Elite 3, although this was not for everyone we had a good following so we hosted up to 3 servers.
We then locked onto Sniper elite 4 which has had a fantastic following so we now have up 3 se4 server types
Over the year we have host a number of other Gaming servers, I.e. COD4, CODWAW, Insurgency, Rising Storm Vietnam, and of course we do have a Minecraft server for the younger members.
As the year has gone on [=PUG=] has a great reputation in the Gaming community as honest and fair and just being a fun community of people.
We are a clan above the rest!
Over the later part of the year we have moved away from AAPG due to ongoing issues with server becoming more and more Unstable due to DDOS attackers and alike.
Hope the next update has a fix for it.
Player Unknown has been a big hit with our members, reporting just how good this game really is.
We also have recently started to play Warface which is becoming very popular on the gaming field, thanks to Someidiot that kept this one a secret for so long. lol
We now have about 15 members that have signed up to play Warface and growing.
Another recent one is COD-WW2, again the popularity is certainly growing on that as well, fantastic graphics on all these new games but
While these are making way, I’m sure that the likes of Arma3, AAPG will all come back round for us to play again.
Over the year we had run a competition for the most valuable member and the most improved member of [=PUG=]
The winners!
Most valuable member: Mafia-dude
Most improved member: GrowlyBear
Mafia-dude for outstanding efforts in everything he has done, running servers, admin work, always putting his hands up to help out anyone and anything
GrowlyBear for being an outstanding gamer! Any game she played whether it be for a scrim or for a casual game, Growly gave it her all.
She is ae outstanding team player, one person you would want on your side.
We not much more to say, anyway my fingers are getting sore from typing or old age!. Lol
So, to all our [=PUG=]members!
I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
And not to forget our loved ones as while we are having fun each night, they are the ones in the background listening to us shouting laughing etc. so please look after them to over this time.

So, thank you one and all for the fantastic times
You are all family here, Yes even Sew][eey!
It really makes my day , Be Proud!
Commander [=PUG=]Pecka
Clan 2.IC [=PUG=]Brooksy or as some know him as Broosky!