Pacific Urban Gamers Clan Membership Rules

Please read our rules, most of them are common sense and decency.


  1. [=PUG=]Members Must add [=PUG=]Tags to their Steam profile.
  2. [=PUG=]Members Must have an open Steam profile.
  3. [=PUG=]Members be an active user of Team-speak-3.
  4. [=PUG=]Members Must have a fully working headset.
  5. [=PUG=]Members be a regular in-house team participant.
  6. You must respect all other clan members, always!
  7. There are some words that we don’t use within our clan, (C#@T) Please don’t use this word.
  8. Members Must listen to their HQ Team
  9. Please Respect our [=PUG=] servers and be welcoming to all visitors to our servers.
  10. If you have something to say please direct it to the correct person / Clan support.
  11. Must be a regular Visitor to our forums. At least twice a week.
  12. If you come on and not in the right frame of mind, please shut off for the night and come back on another night.
  13. Use a legitimate, uncracked and unhacked version of any game.
  14. Treat new and existing TeamSpeak users with respect.
  15. Use TeamSpeak permissions (Move/Ban/Kick) sensibly and not to the detriment of others.
  16. There will be NO, racist or homophobic remarks to any other player.
  17. Do not disrespect other servers or communities ever, if you have a problem in another server please leave straight away and report what happened to an Admin or HQ member ASAP.
  18. Respect the offline privacy of all members of PUG and other gaming communities.
  19. Spreading the information of a member or any other person is strictly prohibited.
  20. Remain patient, courteous, respectful and helpful when interacting with other Clans, how you act and treat others is how they see all of PUG, not just you.

[=PUG=] Admin Team

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February 2018
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