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Steam Group

It’s quite easy to sit down and type a whole heap of bullshit /dribble about PUG (Pacific Urban Gamers), but the truth is we have one of the best Online Gaming Clans, if not the best. We are more than just a bunch gamers gathered together, we are friends, yes a lot of us have never met face to face, but it’s like we have known each other our whole lives. We have something great here, we laugh, act like big kids, play online games and we listen to each other when life is giving you a kick in the guts, but the best part of being in PUG is, you can be having worst day at work, school or Uni, come into TeamSpeak3 and listen to our joking, laughter and playing jokes on our members and the crap in our life just doesn’t seem important anymore. Life is about fun, friends and family, at PUG we are all of that. If you think that is for you please come into our TeamSpeak3 and introduce yourself, we are always looking for new members or friends to be part of the PUG family.


[=PUG=] Founder and Commander: [=PUG=]Pecka

There are a few things we can tell you about our Commander. He always makes us laugh whether it is at his own expense or just goofing around with others, he has the tendency to bring out the good in others and is always first to try and help a PUG member. I know of a few times he has even gone to another members house to help with computer problems this is just who he is. Let alone a number of hours he spends running, fixing and solving problems with our servers, TeamSpeak3 and the website. He is like a magnet and draws in good fun loving people and brings us to where we are today with the best gaming squad on the internet. We all make this clan what it is today,, a family, but Pecka just tops it off for all of us. Crazy ass Kiwi..


[=PUG=] 2IC: [=PUG=]Brooksy

Brooksy is like Pecka`s yin and yang. these two opposites are viewed as complementary, interconnected, and working together they interrelate to one another giving them the strength to always be positive. Brooksy is first to jump in boots and all if we have a problem. After spending time with him you realise he is the one to represent Australia for PUG. This is another reason why we are the number one squad Online. Besides what he gives to the Admin side of PUG, he is very much a team player with great gaming skills and a top bloke to match.


But PUG is not just about these two guys, every one of PUG members contributes to the running and fun time to be had. We have some members that go beyond what is asked of them in their duties (thank you). We also have a great HQ team to backup and manage PUG servers and organise scrim nights. We have in-house scrims (members only) and fun scrims with our sister clan [-PAC-]. All members are equal and everyone has their say. Our core games are, American Army Providing Ground, ARMA 3, Sniper Elite 3 & 4, but we all play a variety of games and are keen to learn new ones. We are a fair play none cheat/hack squad, we do NOT allow any form of cheating to take place (ZERO TOLERANCE). If you have a VAC ban then we are not the squad for you.


[=PUG=] Team

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February 2018
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